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When was your Mac’s last checkup?

Personal Assistant’s diagnostics service opens the door to quick and simple diagnostic tools for your system. Our comprehensive and thorough service examines both hardware and software to give you an expansive view of security vulnerabilities, system performance status, as well as any detectable software issues.

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MacShiny is a 14 in 1 bundle of tool to speed up and protect your Mac
with integrated Personal Assistant technology

Eliminate Spyware
and Viruses

Viruses come in different shapes and sizes. Some will sneak through your files to gather and steal information without you knowing it while others were designed simply to destroy your operating system. No matter what kind your system has caught, we are here to help! Our experts will work hard to eradicate your system of viruses, as well as tweak your system and firewall settings so that your data stays safe.

No More Agonizing
Start Ups

Nothing is more aggravating than sitting down to work on your computer and then having to wait 20 minutes for it to finally start up. If you’ve got too many programs launching all at once, this might be the cause.

Our service will explain to you what each individual application is for, giving you the information you need to decide which programs should stay and which need to go so you can free up more processing power.

Enhance Your

From thousands of unnecessary files leftover from deleted apps to ancient and outdated programs just taking up space, there are enough computer-slowing problems out there to make you feel like finding them all is hopeless.

Your Personal Assistant tech pro will hunt down what’s causing your computer to lose its zip and help you get back to enjoying your system!

Extra Devices

Attach a device to your computer and we can take a look at that too! Drivers, scanners, printers, we can diagnose them all. So if that pesky camera won’t import its photos, let us have a look for you!


Personal Assistant is a bit different from the other guys. We, for example, know that each and every problem can’t simply be categorized and solved with cookie-cutter solutions. Each problem, and each owner, is unique. That’s why we’ll not only figure out the quickest and most effective solution, we’ll also incorporate your requests and comments into the process. After all, it’s your computer!

Diagnose iOS and
Android Devices

If you’ve got a device that connects to the internet, we can service it remotely. That’s all it takes! Don’t worry about researching each control on your mobile settings. Let us adjust them to suit your needs, all from the comfort of your own home.
Now iOS ready!

Android coming soon!

Avoid Errors
and Pop-ups

We know that the best way to figure out what caused a system error is a set of experienced eyes. If you keep getting ambiguous messages and errors, we’ll help you figure out just what went wrong and how to avoid them in the future.

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1 (888) 245-6754
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1 (800) 735-798

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