Protect Your Mac

Secure you Mac from all kinds of unsafe Internet data by enabling Firewall settings.
Keep your Mac healthy and all the app on it up-to-date! Learn more

Remove junk from Your Mac

Get rid of junk files which have pilled up on your Mac. Free up valuable space and use it for new better apps.
Clean your Mac from junk safely. Learn more

Boost performance

Improve your Mac performance by removing unused old and large data.
Speed up your Mac by updating the apps you use to the latest version - all at once! Learn more

Top features to clean, protect and optimize Your Mac

Clean Up

Safely delete massive volumes of junk files from your Mac


Find and delete duplicate files to free up gigabytes of space


Remove unwanted browser toolbars, extensions, and startup items

Large & Old

Get rid of old and large files avoiding to delete useful data


Secure your Mac from spyware, theft and data loss

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User review

  • Jack from New York
    I've used MacShiny at my working Mac for several years. As for 3D designer speed of my laptop is very important. MacShiny is keeping my machine running like new.
  • Lisa from Australia
    My son suggests me to use MacShiny as the easiest all-in-one maintenance tool for my Mac. This application is really amazing. It's a matter of just few clicks to make my Mac load faster.

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