What is MacShiny? Features overview

System Status

Fast way to scan, speed up and protect your Mac daily

Tired of your Mac running slow?

Safely boost its daily performance by removing tons of the unneeded junk! Start System status to access all tools you need to swiftly scan your system and detect which unnecessary files can be deleted forever.

System Status

It quickly scans your Mac, showing a progress in a radial progress indicator and the files being scanned to the right. The application swiftly detects unused files which occupy valuable space on your computer. The unnecessary files detected by MacShiny can be successfully removed from your machine without causing any harm.

The results of system scan are indicated in three speedometers: Cleaning, Security and Performance. If you wish to inspect and remove some files from a certain category simply click a 'Show Details' button under each speedometer. In the new window you'll see a complete list of files detected so you are able to select any files and safely remove them.

System Status Details